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For two decades, the American Psychological Association (APA) has continued to support an expensive campaign to expand psychologists' scope of practice to include prescribing psychotropic medications. These efforts began in 1995, when APA suspended its own parliamentary rules in order to adopt this position because opposition was strong within the profession. Since that time, over 60% of state psychological organizations have task forces in place to coordinate RxP legislation. Over the past 20 years, two states and one territory have passed RxP legislation with just over 100 (none in Guam) psychologists currently authorized to prescribe. In May, 2014, Illinois passed RxP legislation. Facing certain defeat, RxP proponents amended their bill to call for more rigorous training commensurate with levels required by physician assistants. Although lauded by proponents as a successful campaign, proponents highlight the number of failed bills and millions used to push for legislation as a dismal failure.


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